Wil Cope CD Release


Wil Cope - Sunset CravesI met Wil Cope at the Cactus Cafe a couple of years back, but hadn’t seen him in a while. I noticed he was having a CD release at The Scoot Inn last night, so my friend Dan and I went to see the show.

His CD is entitled “Sunset Craves” and features a top notch band, including three members of The Heartless Bastards, two of whom  played with him on stage last night. The drummer of The Heartless Bastards, Dave Colvin produced the CD as well.

I would have liked a more attentive and less raucous crowd, but the Scoot Inn is in general a more rowdy place, meant for rowdy bands. Wil’s music does not really fit into that category. His music is slow and laid back, with some tracks singer/songwriter song with a hit of country. Then some songs are more in the vein of old-time country, featuring a lot of slide guitar. Through it all is a laid back vibe, which certainly fits Wil’s personality.

Wil doesn’t mince words. The words are simple and to the point, but poetic in their bareness. His CD has a vibe of some of the work of now disbanded The Scud Mountain Boys. Hard to say at this point if the songs will get under my skin like The Scud Mountain Boys, but to me it’s a CD meant to enjoy when you just want to enjoy sitting under the sun and enjoying the beauty of the small things in life.

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